The rules of nutrition in yoga.


An important goal of yoga is to achieve harmony and balance of mental and physical health. But the influence of modern society makes many yoga practitioners cannot distinguish between true yoga teachings and fashion trends. Some yogis argue that one of the principles of yoga is austerity in food. According to them, if you do not limit yourself to food, then you cannot reach an understanding of the true teachings of yoga. But they are mistaken because the true teaching of yoga teaches people to love food and eat consciously. Yoga teaches that food is one of the keys to health. Tight food restrictions can change the hormonal system in the body and lead to health problems. Also, yoga does not require the rejection of meat, fish, and dairy products. It should be a conscious choice of a person if his body requires it.

We suggest you find out how yoga relates to food. These principles will help you decide how you will eat.

It is the basis of yoga practice. You must establish for yourself why you are doing this, and what you want to get from doing yoga. Yogis use this rule for food, too. This rule helps you move towards your goal to use those asanas and those foods that are suitable during this period. Therefore, you should choose the food that suits you now, which gives you energy and health. At different stages of your life, you can change your attitude toward certain products. But your choice should be based on the needs of your body. Each meal should saturate you.

Non-violent attitude to everything that surrounds us is one of the main principles of yoga. Therefore, when you begin to study yoga, your perception of the world changes. This also applies to food. Compassion for the world around us and animals changes your attitude toward food. But this happens gradually, you decide to refuse meat or fish. If you continue to eat animal products, this does not mean that you are a bad yogi. Humanity and compassion is not only the rejection of animal products. First of all, it is a rejection of everything that harms the environment.

By studying yoga you will learn to make the right choice and each piece of food will be deliberate and conscious.

The ability to share food.
Many yoga beginners focus on product choices and spend hours deciding on the right foods. They forget that generosity and the desire to share their food with those who need it is much more important than what you eat. Yogis can be saturated with simple foods and moderate portions. They can give all that is superfluous to those in need. The ability to enjoy a simple meal is a hallmark of advanced yoga. They can afford to eat their favorite food too, but its part is always moderate.

Intuitive nutrition.
This type of food is becoming popular among people who follow the rules of proper nutrition. Its essence is that you listen to your body and eat when you are really hungry. The choice of products also depends on the desire of your body. By listening to your intuition, you determine what is good for you and in what quantity.
Yoga has been using this principle for many years. By making various asanas you understand how they affect your body. You must learn to understand how a product affects your health, too. Using intuition, only you create your diet.

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