Ways to introduce yoga into daily life.


You have decided to do yoga to become healthy and balance your energy. You are looking for information about yoga, follow to some yoga bloggers, and have re-read many books about the rules for performing the asana. Plunging into the atmosphere of yogis life, you understand that for most experienced yogis, yoga has become their daily ritual. Despite all your intentions, yoga appears in your life from time to time. This situation upsets you, and you think that maybe yoga is not your way of life. But integrating yoga into your daily lifestyle is hard enough if it’s not your professional activity. However, everything can be changed. You should realize that yoga is not just a physical activity. Therefore, you do not have to do difficult asanas every day. Yoga is a way of life, thinking, and perception of the world. Yoga has many components. And if you start using one of the ingredients of yoga, you will find that yoga has become an integral part of your life.

Performing yoga poses.
As a rule, most people perceive yoga as doing asana. They are right. This is the main part of yoga that allows practitioners to become aware of their bodies and find a balance between body and spirituality. But you should not be afraid that you cannot do it. Asanas in yoga have different complexity. Therefore, you can do the simplest asana every day for 15 minutes. This is enough time for your body to begin to respond to your activities. Also, you can practice not every day, but 3 times a week, but you would better increase the duration of the practice to 30 minutes. Gradually, you will notice a positive effect on your health and will no longer be able to live without yoga.
Also, if you are new to yoga, you are better off attending yoga classes for at least a few months. A yoga coach will help you learn how to properly perform asana, tell you about all the nuances of yoga and its benefits. By attending such classes, you stay in the circle of your like-minded people and this helps you not to quit classes.

If you are unable to attend yoga classes, you can use online lessons. Practice asana at a time convenient for you. Yoga should be fun, and therefore if you want to do yoga in the morning then do it, but evening classes have the same effect.
Use short sessions at a convenient time for you and yoga will come into your life easily.

Even though you breathe every moment of your life, yoga teaches you to breathe more beneficial to your mind and body. Pranayama helps you control your breathing and change your physical and emotional state. Using pranayama is an easy way to practice yoga every day. You can use breathing practices even at work. Some breathing practices go unnoticed by the people around you.

For many people, meditation is difficult and inaccessible. If you have never meditated, you can use special apps that provide you with simple meditation techniques, and you can learn how to meditate after a couple of sessions. Please note that 15-minute meditations are a good start in the world of yoga.

Perception of the world and the people around you.
Yoga is a teaching that preaches the principles of kindness and acceptance of people as they are. You can use this yoga principle every day and every minute of your daily life. Don’t judge people, don’t impose your beliefs on them, and treat them with kindness and understanding. Your heart should be filled with light and mercy.

Take care of yourself.
Yoga teaches you to understand that you are an important part of the universe. So if you don’t take care of yourself, you show the world that you do not accept yourself. You can be kind, take care of others, do asana daily and meditate for hours, but if you do not take care of yourself, all this has no meaning. In your world, you are the center of the universe. But don’t confuse this feeling with self-centeredness. You take care of yourself with gratitude for your life. This is how you show the love and gratitude of the universe.

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