How to like yoga.


Yoga is one of the most popular ways to reduce stress and make the body healthier. But, many beginners face some problems at the beginning of the path of mastering the principles of yoga. Yoga is a complex process that requires a lot of concentration. Your body must work in tune with your mind. Also, you must learn to hear your body and its capabilities. Very often, people give up doing yoga because they cannot perform certain asanas. They have a false idea of the complexity of asanas and demand the impossible from their bodies.

If you are faced with such a situation and are thinking about stopping yoga, you should understand that only your patience and determination will help you move to the next level. Therefore, each yoga session will improve your mental and physical condition. Don’t give up in the early stages of your journey.
Experienced yogis give several recommendations on how not to get discouraged and continue the path of mastering yoga.

The opinion of others.
If you take the path of self-development, your environment will do everything possible to stop you. New you are not beneficial for them. They can tell you that yoga is not your way, that you cannot master even simple asanas, and so on. You should not hear them and go on and go towards your goal. Experienced yogis will never say that you will not succeed.
Auxiliary equipment
Some yoga beginners are mistaken about additional equipment and try to avoid using it. They mistakenly believe that such equipment is not useful. Special equipment helps you understand your body and its capabilities in the early stages of mastering yoga.
Typically, each yoga session ends with a relaxation phase. Yogis use savasana to relax their body and mind. It is an important step in yoga that allows you to get the most out of your yoga practice.
Yoga is a complex set of different tools that will work if you use them all. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the breathing process during asana, you will not benefit from such exercises.
Forget about winning.
Yoga is the process of finding harmony in your body and mind. You should not set goals that are intended to prove to someone that you are capable of doing yoga asana. Also, other people’s results are not important. Only you and your body should occupy all your attention in the process of comprehending the principles of yoga. Everyone goes their way and gets their result.

Forget about idealism.
Yoga is a process that never ends. You must understand that you will never reach the result. Each practice opens up new facets of this process. Your perception of the world and those around you will change every day, regardless of the number of years of your practice.
The focus of attention.
Each asana requires your attention. But if you only notice what you are failing, you will not be able to comprehend yoga. Focus your attention on your progress and thank your body that it becomes stronger and healthier with each asana.
The top tip from experienced yogis is that it gets better every day. If you have reached the beginner level of yoga, do not stop. You should go to a higher level, even though you will face difficulties again. It is a development that is the principle of yoga.
If you want yoga to remain in your life for many years, you must enjoy this process. Your light attitude towards her will not cause stress, and you will be able to devote your time to her. You shouldn’t do it 5 hours a day every day. It will prevent you from learning yoga faster. Think about yoga as a joyful process.

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