Yoga Nidra is the best way to relax your body and mind.


The benefits of yoga for the nervous system and mental health are undeniable. Each type of yoga has specific methods that help your body relax, become stronger, more resilient, and flexible. But one of the goals of yoga is to create a balance between body and mind. At the end of each yoga session, you feel a relaxation of the mind and a vigorous body. If you are looking for ways to relax at the end of a workday and reduce stress levels then yoga is one of the best options, especially one of its types – Yoga Nidra. This type of yoga is called the yogic dream in which you plunge while maintaining awareness. As a result, you get a complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Also, yoga Nidra affects the body like sleep. Therefore, people who do not get enough sleep can use yoga Nidra to restore strength and energy.

People who use it claim that they felt a positive effect after the first session. After using this type of yoga regularly, they can immerse themselves in the practice and experience deep relaxation. They appreciate the benefits of yoga Nidra and see no better way to improve their mental health.

The influence of yoga Nidra on:
mental health, namely: reduces the level of anxiety, stress, and depression;
emotional state: increases concentration and awareness, improves thinking;
physical health: improves sleep, reduces chronic pain.

Some yoga beginners do not see the difference between yoga Nidra and meditation. Moreover, the effect of both methods of relaxation is the same. But there is a difference, and it lies in the fact that during meditation you usually use sitting postures, during yoga Nidra, you lie in a corpse pose. During a yoga Nidra session, you focus your attention on your body and relaxation of every cell. Meditation provides for the transition to higher levels of consciousness and out of the body. The gap lies in the small details that you can only grasp after going through a Yoga Nidra session.

Each exhalation and inhalation during the yoga Nidra session brings you in the world between awareness and sleep. In this state, your entire body and mind relax. Your emotions calm down and your unconscious comes out of the shadow of consciousness. You hear yourself and your desires. Regular practice of yoga Nidra allows you to make decisions consciously focusing on your principles, desires, and intentions.

Use yoga Nidra as often as possible if you want to start managing your life, emotions, and mind. As a result, you will get the results you dreamed about, and it will not be a miracle but your choice and actions. You can work miracles yourself whenever you want.

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