How physical activity affects mental health.


We have good news for those who constantly feel a sense of apathy, who cannot wake up without a cup of strong coffee and have a low level of energy. A good workout helps you change your energy level and mood.
Specialists in the field of sports medicine conducted some studies and obtained exciting results. It turns out that regular training in the gym or at home improves not only the physical shape but also affects mental health.

Thus, physical activity affects all parts of your body and your health.

How physical activity affects mental health:

Increases endorphins.
These hormones contribute to a surge of energy, and you have a desire to act and move. The euphoria that occurs after an active release of endorphins lifts the mood and reduces the level of apathy.

Improves the work of the cardiovascular system.
Exercise speeds up blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol. Thus, your heart receives more blood and oxygen and works more productively.

Improves the quality of sleep.
Moderate exercise for 30-40 minutes reduce the symptoms of insomnia and improve sleep quality. Studies have shown that people who regularly engage in spot have a good and restful sleep.

Improving concentration and memory.
Endorphins reduce the performance of not only the physical body but also affect the functioning of the nervous system and brain. After training, memory and congruent functions improve. Therefore, if you want to be left with a good memory, even with good intentions, then do not ignore physical activity.

Studies have shown that mood is related to energy levels. Raising this level you change the mental state. Your mood improves and you have a desire to live and create. Hormones that are produced during active training reduce the level of increased anxiety and depression. Neurotrophic factors improve the nervous system and create new connections that affect brain function positively.

Also, sports help get rid of loneliness. If you decide to go in for sports, then you go to the gym or park, and there you are forced to chat with other people. Common interests in sports bring people together and you find new friends and sometimes a loved one. Involvement in any community reduces the level of loneliness and helps get rid of sadness and depression.

What type of training improves mood?
Any workout can help you. All exercises increase endorphins and make your blood flow faster. So choose what you like. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, then there will be no result. Only pleasure contributes to the production of hormones and helps your mental health. You can say that you don’t get redundancy from sports, and you won’t be taken away because of this. But there are other positive factors for training. Therefore, it will be in your interest to love training and get pleasure from them. Then the effect of them will be maximal. Do not waste time in the gym just for a selfie. This is your life and you can control it. Your brain listens to your commands and if you tell him to enjoy the workouts, he will listen to you.

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