Coloring a mandala can help cope with negative emotions.


Many of us loved to draw in childhood. The bright colors of the pencil and paints gave us joyful emotions. Even the simplest drawings seemed to us the most beautiful and made us proud of ourselves. But then our drawings began to be judged, and someone said that we didn’t apply tones or use the wrong lines. As a result, the joy of drawing disappeared, because we were not interested in the rules of drawing. We loved the drawing process. Having abandoned to draw, we made a big mistake, because it helps to remain mentally healthy.

Many psychologists use art therapy as a method of helping people who suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression.

You can use one of the tools of art therapy as a means of self-help. If you are suffering from anxiety, try гыштп mandalas. This simple process pleases people of any age. It’s never too late to start enjoying life. Coloring mandalas is one of the methods of meditation that helps to cope with negative emotions.

There are various geometrical figures united in a mandala, which helps you to get rid of obsessive negative thoughts. Why are mandalas so useful for psychological self-help? We tried to understand this issue and found some amazing facts that confirm the advantages of using mandalas compared to other types of drawing.

What is a mandala?
Mandala means a circle that is used as a sacred symbol in many cultures. Circles surround us everywhere. We see them in religious symbols, nature, design of houses, and others.

The mandala has found wider application in Indian and Tibetan cultures. The sacred circle is a symbol of such religions as Hinduism and Buddhism.

Each part or geometric figures in the mandala are located symmetrically. Even a square can be placed in a circle, and it is fascinating.

Since ancient times, people used the sacred circle in various rituals and amulets. They were painted on houses, bodies, or embroidered on clothes. People believed that the mandala helps to fulfill the desire and protects them. Today, psychologists use the mandala drawing method of working with the subconscious mind, setting it up positively. Therefore, many believe that the mandala allows you to open the subconscious, and also it helps to find harmony with nature and oneself. In other words, it is a self-programming method.

Coloring the mandala is a simple but effective way to achieve peace and tranquility. You can draw mandalas by yourself or purchase a coloring book with ready-made mandalas that you can paint at your discretion. For coloring use paints or pencils, and choose those colors that are closer to you. There are no rules for painting sacred circles. You decide what colors you use and how you place them. The only thing that governed art therapy using mandalas was to relax and plunge into the process.

What colors to choose for the mandala and what they mean.

You will need paints or pencils to colorize the mandala, as well as understanding what color it means. If you want to understand your emotional state, you can understand it by examining the colors that you use for coloring:

  • black – danger and despair;
  • red is love;
  • lilac – excitement;
  • blue – life, a symbol of heaven and water;
  • yellow – happiness, prosperity;
  • green – understanding, desire to help;
  • orange – emotionality, ambition;
  • purple – addiction to someone emotionally;
  • light green is a sign of a weak energy field.

During painting, you focus only on the process and the nervous system relaxes. It also happens in meditation when you focus on your breath or another subject.

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