Popular myths about yoga.


Until a few decades ago, yoga was only available to special people. But gradually more and more people began to understand its benefits. Today everyone can do yoga, which can change their life. But despite its availability and popularity, many myths surround it.

Some people do not be bothered and do not accept yoga students without even trying to study them deeper.

If you are one of them, then we will try to dispel your fears and doubts and convince you that yoga has many benefits for both physical and mental health. Yoga is not a religion that limits you. It is a lifestyle in which your body and mind work in harmony. Your main task is to hear your body, your desires, and live a fulfilled life. All the rules and principles of yoga are aimed at creating a healthy body and a calm mind.

In ancient times, yoga was the practice of monks who protected this teaching from the outside world. Despite the physical aspect, yoga is not just fitness. Yoga can help improve overall health and lifestyle changes. But not everyone is ready for changes because it is scary and unusual. Yoga helps you change your life for the better smoothly and without stress. Starting with small steps, you change your perception of the world, and you are freed from the accumulated stress through the body.

Lack of knowledge creates a false idea about yoga for many people who prefer to exhaust their body with high-intensity training and not allow their body to become flexible, stronger without stress. But at the same time, yoga develops muscles and endurance no worse than other sports. It is an invaluable experience that will help you cope with various challenges in your daily life.

People believe in myths and miss the opportunity to change their lives. After we have destroyed some of the popular myths about yoga, we recommend that you start getting acquainted with yoga and after a few months you will see a positive effect in many aspects of your life.

Popular myths about yoga.

Yoga is only for people with good flexibility.
Many people refuse to practice yoga just because they see how professional yogis perform complex asanas and demonstrate the incredible capabilities of their bodies. People begin to look at their capabilities and see that they are far from professional yogis. As a result, they think yoga is for special people who have flexibility, and those who cannot touch their toes should be doing another sport. And none of them guess that professional yogis have come a long way to their level, and only regular practice and dedication led them to such a result. Only regularity helped them, not their natural abilities. Each of them started at a different level and got better than they were yesterday. Yoga is not a competition with others, it is a path in which you improve your body and spirit. Yoga is available to all people with different abilities.

Yoga is not suitable for weight loss.
Yoga does not have a cardio load and is not a high-intensity workout, but despite its pace, yoga makes your blood move faster, and your muscles work hard. Also, yoga adheres to the principles of proper nutrition, so doing yoga you improve metabolic processes in your body and start the process of losing weight. Please note that yoga does not require giving up meat or other foods. A balanced and mindful diet is the basis of nutrition for yogis.

Also, yoga has different types that load your muscles in different ways. Some of the types are aimed at relaxing the mind and body, while others develop muscle strength.

Yoga is not suitable for people with chronic conditions.
People who have chronic pain or injury avoid yoga because they are afraid to put stress on their bodies, which could worsen their condition. But, as practice shows, yoga helps to reduce pain. By using the correct asanas under the guidance of an experienced yogi, you can improve your condition. The instructor can choose a set of asanas just for you, which will help improve your body’s functions.

If you have any kind of injury, then you should not use extreme postures, start with simple postures that will increase blood flow in your body, and reduce pain.

Yoga is a morning ritual.
Many people refuse to let yoga into their lives because they believe that they need to have time in the morning to practice. As a rule, finding time in the morning for yoga or other practices is very difficult for people who work. But this is not a reason to give up yoga and a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is beneficial regardless of the time of day. If you find it easier to study in the evening or afternoon, this is your choice. Don’t follow someone else’s rules. Create your ones.

Yoga classes are long and boring.
If you do not like long workout then you can use yoga as an alternative to it. You can choose the duration of the classes, and so that you do not get bored of performing monotonous yoga positions, you can use asanas of different intensities and combine them in a 20-minute workout. Even a short workout affects your body and develops strength and health.

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